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No commissions. No sales. No conflict of interest. As a fee-only firm the singular motivation behind our investment strategy is the safety and performance of your portfolio. We are not compensated by outside vendors or paid to move your money around. Our only incentive is to protect and grow your investments.
Rosman Asset Management, LLC has a fiduciary relationship with our clients – every investment decision is grounded in what is best for the client. Our third party custodian ensures that all account information is available to the client 24/7. Client trust is our most valuable asset and for 34 years we have fostered that trust through integrity and exceptional results.


Michael Rosman’s performance has been stellar over the past 34 years. Rosman Asset Management, LLC positions its portfolio to capitalize on yield while being prepared for sudden market corrections. Many high risk money managers may capitalize short term on trendy stocks, but that is a poor strategy for most investors who want income and safety.
Rosman Asset Management, LLC operates with a long view of our clients’ financial future. Our goal is to find investments that offer a return of capital plus a profit through interest or dividends.  We opt for deep value instruments, high yielding bonds and preferred stocks over flash in the pan returns. This has served our clients well.

Investment Strategy

Today’s market environment is volatile and complicated. Computer driven trading puts the average investor at a grave disadvantage. Rosman Asset Management, LLC looks for deep value instruments with high yield, healthy dividends and a low price to book value that deliver less volatility.
Michael Rosman understands macro economic and political systems and how they can impact a portfolio. He is adept at analyzing balance sheets, credit markets, and economic trends. In his 34 year career Michael has experienced many market cycles and looks for a return of your money as well as a return on your investments.

Why a Registered Investment Advisor?

Michael Rosman, RIA

Michael Rosman, President

Wise investors in a post-Madoff world choose a firm that safeguards their assets.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Rosman Asset Management, LLC is held to a higher standard of conduct than brokers or licensed representatives. RIAs have a fiduciary responsibility towards their clients and by law must ensure that every investment recommendation is in the client’s best interest.

Rosman Asset Management, LLC is purposefully structured to give our clients unbiased information about the performance of their investments. Interactive Brokers LLC serves as third party custodian of all assets under management and clients have online access to account information 24/7.  Interactive Brokers LLC retains all valuation, cost basis and record keeping responsibility but is not involved in any investment decisions. This allows Rosman Asset Management LLC to actively manage your portfolio with transparency.

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