401(k) & Qualified Plan Management

Traditional 401(k) management gives the investor very few options at a relatively high cost. Fees are often buried in mutual fund costs and difficult to discern. Plan providers such as insurance companies or brokers typically do not assume fiduciary responsibility, leaving plan sponsors and administrators at risk for liability; they lack the training or expertise to successfully assess fees and monitor the plan’s investments as required of fiduciaries by the US Department of Labor.

This costs the investor money. Excessive fees and poor plan performance diminish your retirement readiness, yet few plan administrators understand the inner workings of a 401(k) plan.

Rosman Asset Management, LLC partners with plan sponsors to relieve them of fiduciary responsibility and customize a 401(k) plan that meets your company’s specific needs. Our 401(k) clients are not locked into a small group of proprietary or high cost mutual fund selections. We find the best performing funds at the lowest cost for our clients, and that means a 401(k) plan that costs a lot less. Lower fees leave more money in your retirement account.

Rosman Asset Management, LLC can also actively manage 401(k) plans to capitalize on market shifts and protect your retirement assets. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Rosman Asset Management, LLC must ALWAYS act in the best interests of our clients, Brokers and insurance companies are not by law held to this high standard.

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